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Mrs Whinnett’s Initiative Challenge

Are you up for a challenge? Following on from Mrs Whinnett’s PSHE lesson on initiative, you have been set the challenge of showing us how you use your initiative outside school. Ask someone to take a photo of you to show us how you have completed the challenge and add it to this post with a description of what you did.

Top tips:

Don’t wait to be told – be a self starter!

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Coordinates practice


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Homework 8.2.19

Next week we will be writing our entries for the BBC 500 Word Competition. Your homework is to spend some time exploring the website for ideas:


Listen to some of the winning stories and make notes on why you think they were so successful:


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Can I ADD SPICE to my sentences? Homework 4.2.19

To craft interesting, engaging sentences we should ADD SPICE to the beginning of our sentences.


AD = adverb (Angrily, Cautiously, Quickly, Thoughtfully, Excitedly)
D = determiner (The, A, An, One, Two, Three,This, That, Those, These, A few, Many, Some,His, Her, My, Your)
S = simile (Like slithering snakes, As low as the sea, Black like night, As quick as a thought)
P = preposition (Aboard, Above, Around, Below, Beneath, Beside, Between, In front of, Inside)
I = ing words (Abandoning, Calling,Circling, Creeping, Dashing, Delaying, Feasting, Guarding)
C = connectives (After, Although, As well as, As if, Because, Before, Despite, Even if, Except)
E = ed words (Bewildered, Coaxed,Comforted, Damaged, Determined, Fooled, Frightened, Frustrated)


In your homework books, write a descriptive paragraph about one of these pictures, using different sentence openers from our list.

Images for sentence openers-1dsu5a3

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RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch

You might enjoy doing this over the weekend! Click on the link and explore the website to get you started.


Add your comments if you decide to give it a go.

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Egyptian Workshop

Today we had another visit from Catherine Hammond to get our new History Topic, Ancient Egypt, off to a flying start. We observed and researched artefacts:

We then presented our findings:

And drew conclusions to work out who was buried in the tomb:

Catherine really had us thinking like archaeologists!


4C’s Tudor Projects

The boys have completed fantastic projects on various aspects of Tudor life, such as houses, Crimea and punishment, sport, The Wars of the Roses, etc. Check out these PowerPoints and video clips, and look at the photos of the boys presenting their research to the class. Well done, 4C! Lots of credits have been given out  🙂



Cian’s animation-1e6xfl1



TUDOR LIFE – Raphaels Project 021218-2jlz7pd

Tudor Sports-2l1c3id

Yuri’s PPT-217kwp8

Ishaan’s PPT-rxmwjm

Samuel’s PPT-11tjcj7

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Today in English…….

……..we performed surgery on words to make contractions!




Our Visit to St Albans Cathedral

We had a fantastic day at St Albans Cathedral, learning about the Dissolution of the Monasteries and how to make brass rubbings.

Write about your day as a comment to this post. What did you do? What did you learn? What did you enjoy the most and why? Remember – no one is particularly interested in what you had for lunch!!


Fairy Stories

Here are the ideas we discussed in class for your mind maps to show the features of traditional fairy tales:

Here is the example of a mind map that you can use as a model for your own, just click on the link below:

mind map example-1n7enzu


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